Atchoum et Cigogne
Video, 13’31, 2020 



Atchoum is a little monster who suffers from a cold; a mild disease for someone who has only one nose; but to worsen his case he is covered by dozens of snouts.
Confused, he accidentally shows up at Cigogne’s shed, a settled migrant bird, frustrated and bored, who unveils crazy theories sketched out on blackboards all over his place. Cigogne’s  initial distrust of Atchoum quickly turns into empathy for his becoming friend, for whom he decides to use his skills to help recover from this damned cold. Yet gets the case tougher over time, through misunderstandings and failures, constantly bringing them back to their initial fate: a pile of congested noses and a caged bird.

Atchoum and Cigogne are the cartoon-ish embodiments of the Atchoum effect and the Cigogne effect : rhetorical effects specifically identified by the zetetic lab of Pr.Henri Broch of the University of Nice. Without any scientific grounds, these discursive pirouettes aim at connecting facts belonging to the same time frames or showing parallel dynamics. They are fertile ground for fallacious argumentations. Short from being Sophists, Atchoum and Cigogne evolve being sweet people, creeps or jesters. They struggle to twist reality and to change their fate of a sick pile of noses and a clogged bird. To this end, they seek for a common voice, trying to fill each other's deficiencies. Realizing they can’t escape some form of fate, they try, like in a fable, to own a story they did not choose.