BICRAVMAGA CHOURAVPARTI, with Lonely Life Lovers Club
Performances, Wonder/Liebert, Villa Arson, 2017



Lonely Life Lovers Club, originally meant to be a music label that I co-founded with Luca Bonanno during 2016 summer, slowly became a multidisciplinary collective thanks to new members.

These changes happened mainly for the first anniversary, a moment when we were in WONDER/LIEBERT in Bagnolet for a residency program.
We created BICRAVMAGA CHOURAVPARTI at this particular moment; and we had the opportunity to show it two times : on the 14/07/17 at Wonder and the 07/11/17 in Villa Arson.

BICRAVMAGA CHOURAVPARTI blends two events : the anniversary of the label and the french national day (always followed by a huge military parade).

Yet, our purpose was to set a festive counter-parade, showing a voguing riot police/knights company assaulted by a clown.
Everything starts with the clown’s irresistible desire of taking selfies with the cops.
The cops couldn't ignore the arrogance of the clown, since he also did graffiti all over the walls.

Then, RUMBLE !

And then, why not chourav’ (steal) the loot ?
Obviously with the conjunction of the DJ/ringmaster !
He does not hesitate when he can bicrav’ (sell) a good Starmania cassette to his friends …