Happening, 2019


He spent so much time laying in the corner. He just can’t bear his jukebox’s life: he only got attention when he starts to play the greatest hits that he always has to play. People are throwing him coins as they throw peanuts to animals from the zoo… It’s enough !

Now he enters a sort of bulimic transe, he wakes up and immediately starts to dig for more coins: now he is on its own, no matter what it costs, he’s going to satisfy his thirst for money !

His records are scratched, now he is just yelling a chaotic soundtrack made of grunts interspersed by actual music samples and acapellas: nothing can stop him right now.

Unfortunately, blindfolded by his greedy madness, he forgot that he’s alive thanks to electricity, not because he eats coins… But he keeps getting away from the power socket, and the cable that keeps him alive is getting more and more stretched…

Until he gets unplugged, unplugged by himself !

He’s the first victim of his own madness !

Now he is frozen, no more colourful lights burst through his beautiful eyes, and we’re putting him back in the corner; until someone plugs him again ....