Collection, performance, Villa Arson, 2018



EVERLOST began as a collection of cartoon-ish traps meant to set up an escape game into a gallery; the S-CAPGM project.

EVERLOST is a mash-up of several of my works operating as a one-performer parade, a kind of one-human-band.

The parade’s opening is a phone call broadcasted on a public-address speakers costume. The interlocutor is a drum. Quickly, both broadcasting devices start interacting since the speakers are getting closer from the drum which is playing in the background. The phone call stops when they’re facing each others.

A remix of the S-CAPGM performance follows, a remix meant to merge several others into it, as the BONNETEAUMATIQUES or the POOPBUSTER video, using traps and physical challenges as steps to reach in order to unlock another level.

The game design works as a scenography.

Once the last level is engaged -a shower cabin- the performance is over. What’s left is only a figure getting undressed behind the shower curtains, and the sound of spilling water.

Then, the drizzling water sound grows until it becomes a storm, which shuts down all the lights.

The parade ends in a storm.