I make noise.
I compile, I arrange, by blending objects and actions together; crashing everything against the walls, I play, I laugh.
I set intensities, I set moods
The result can be a performance, a video, a happening, that I always see as a little show, as an aggregation of gestures, situations and sounds that I bring together to make up a story.
I like popular festivals and gatherings, from carnivals to rave parties, from demonstrations to riots.
I squeeze out artifacts from those: I see myself as a transformist, I dress-up, I wear masks.
I see puns and jokes as a medium, as a narrative engine; but above everything, I make noise.
I like eruptions and irruptions; I want to break open as the brass band in Charles Ives compositions.
I compose with words, objects and concepts the same way as a DJ when he does a mash-up, a remix.
I come and go, I get agitated, I produce at a loss on purpose.
Everything is temporary, fast. Yet, everything is under tension.
But something reverberates from the leftovers, something created by this accursed share
It’s from the chaotic hybridization of these gestures, mediums, from the memories I bring back, from those gimmicks that I set up my body of work.
I would like to be intense
Intense in T.A.Zs


As I dress-up, I also use a pseudo: Knut Vandekerkhove.
He is another me, another transformist pun.
I use this alias to release my music, as my other works are labelled under my real name.
Nonetheless, these friends are working together, hidden, that’s why you’ll always be able to identify common speeches and mimics between them.