KARAOKRYPTE, Sonic installation made by Lonely Life Lovers Club (Simon Nicolas, Luca Bonnano et Julien Carpentier).
For the exhibition Rhum Perrier Menthe Citron (curated by Julien Creuzet & Cédric Aurelle),
Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, 2019


KARAOKRYPTE uses the exhibition space following the “two rooms, two moods” model.

The inside of the booth sets the first mood : a karaoke.
Everything is designed in order to make you sing: a lightshow, music clips and a microphone left there on purpose.

Nonetheless, you’re able to hear strange noises from the outside. You can identify different voices, something that sounds like a chaotic overdub. You slowly realize by hearing your own voice into this messy sound that this sonic entity is made of recorded and distorted karaoke singers voices, like yours. Second mood.

KARAOKRYPTE is a journey through voices from the past, a noisy reinterpretation of the way we digest pop music allowed by this polyphonic installation that sends voices through time and spaces by recording and broadcasting simultaneously.

KARAOKRYPTE is a never ending gig, an endless, undetermined and lousy anthem.