L’Abeille Coule
Performance, Villa Arson, 2017



L’abeille Coule is the mise en abyme of a hunt. Following the huntsmens customs, we sound the quarry once the beast is taken down, reenacting the different steps which led to the capture with hunting horns.
In this case, two singers prophesy, with onomatopoeias, the unfortunate events that are about to happen. Their singing is brutally stopped by the beast, a construction machine, which seems annoyed by the morbid fate we claim for it.
Everything starts moving, a bees gang assaults it, surrounds it, scares it. The poor beast fights back but it's encircled: we finish it by blowing up its piñata, which stands for its vital organ.
Tens of bouncing balls spurts from the appendix, offering an endless distraction for the bees. The body is covered up with a shroud with the colours of the gang.
The entire performance is live broadcasted on a ghost shaped screen, and the actions are punctuated by les Chevaliers du lustre, a professional clapping companionship.