(a melody is playing, in the background)

What’s the common point between a banana peel, pink blocks and Kylie Minogue ?

(the melody disappears)

That’s exactly the question I’m going to answer.
When I see a banana peel laying on the ground, my imagination tells me that this is Wile.E Coyote from the Looney Tunes who put it there to set up a trap.
I instantly see a joke meant by the ACME corporation, the fictive company, a true joke factory that we could sum up with a single onomatopoeia :

ZWIP ! (slip sound)

The ACME corporation, thus, an acronym that stands for A Company That Makes Everything
This company produces funny and unlikely traps, and Wil.E.Coyote employs them in order to catch Road Runner. He never catches him, because the power balance is completely tricked: Road Runner wins everytime. Humor is the only weapon Wil.E.Coyote truly has.

BIP BIP ! (Road Runner catchphrase)

The irreverence, the caricature, the ingenuity Wil.E.Coyote uses in his pranks makes me think about the same ingenuity you’ll find in every pink block strategy since twenty years. Wil.E is a good comrade, Wil.E chooses puns, Wil.E is an anarchist activist. His life is literally a peaking pink bloc because it's continuous. Wil.E is a worthy representative of ZBEUL (riot, mess, sabotage).

SHTOIING ! (sound)

Road Runner is the personification of the carelessness of liberalism.

Bip bip, bip bip, biiip biiip ! (Road Runner yells repeatedly)

Then what Kylie is doing here ? Everything was quite easy until then.
You can sum it up in one sentence:

“I just can’t get you out of my head” (sample)

Got it ? Yeah you got it …

You got it because this is THE hit, literally, it’s written : “I - just - can’t - get - you - out - of - my - head”.

La la la, la-la la la la, la la la, la la la la la (ad-lib, Kylie Minogue, sample)

It’s too big, yet it’s disarming, it’s efficient because it resonates, again and again. - (reverberation effect)
A hit is like a good joke, it never gets old.
Then we lower our guard, it’s too banal, we don’t pay attention anymore. Yet it’s still here, on an edge, as if they were continuously peaking (acmé in french).


So, what’s the common point between a banana peel, pink blocks and Kylie Minogue ?
Yet, to be honest, maybe it’s irrelevant to know the answer ...

(the melody starts again, in the background)

Finally, I just wanted to share with you my relation to humor, because it’s one of my main threads: better, I want it to be a narrative engine for me because, as I've tried to pinpoint it, I believe that it has a particular intensity, intensity that I recognize into pink blocks, into nonprofits carnivals, into all these affinity-based types of gatherings which are reshaping public space as public, using caricature and irreverency.

I speak about these affinities because this is another main thread of my work: I like collective working, and more, speaking of arts, I believe that dismissing egos in order to work as a group is a necessity.

And when I mention the hits, it’s only to pinpoint the importance of these threads, into a drift-based work, full of digress, a work made of accursed shares; always followed by the sound of these ritornellos that surrounds us.


I think we’ve met now.