Le Quart d’Heure Américain-frites de Knut Vandekerkhove, season 1
Radio show broadcasted on Vizir Radio


We were hugging, we had forgotten our shyness in order to dance together on this track.
I was waiting for my Bicky sauce junk sandwich, and then, Galaxie Radio is playing this track !
That one, from the other night ! On the Cap’tain nightclub parking lot !
How weird is this, to put a 160 BPM kick over a love song …
Round trips, mash-ups, remixes, covers, blends, screwed & chopped …
Here, we’re searching for the common thread of these techniques.
Le quart d’heure américain-frites is about this, it’s a memories mash-up, of fleeting glimpses, feelings; crystallised on music, on sound.

15 minutes gathered with a slingshot
What matters here ? The peak time !
Your leftovers, your memories.