Les Oreilles Ont des Murs, research residency, Coco Velten, Marseille, 2019
In situ sound installation and performance.

“Les Oreilles Ont des Murs (The Ears Have Walls) is a sound composition made by keeping open a 70 centimeters wooden ear provided with a voice recorder, inside Coco Velten but also around the city.

These wanderings led me to create installations around the building, thus a sound performance given on the opening night.

Tune on 107.9FM, and hear the sirens call.
Go downstairs from the roof to the 1st floor as you were going down inside a shaft, hearing “splashs” noises.
Then you hear a distant noise: pick up the phone inside the vitrine.
Hang up the phone, curious voices are coming from the cafeteria ...

Speaking sunflowers ? Guess who’s hiding in the toilets.”