Video 1’43, 2018


S-CAPGM is an escape game meant to take place into an exhibition space thanks to the EVERLOST traps collection.

Handcuffed, you must swallow pudding in order to find the key hidden inside.

Have a short rest at the fountain, since a buoy is falling on you.

Then comes the lasers challenge, agility and self restraint are needed.

No time to breathe, as a net falls from the ceiling.

Be careful about darts guns !

Take some time off before the soapy slip’n’slide !

Over ? Let’s restart.

The game is tricked : the player masters it, because he settled up the game himself.

Worse: he seems to play with the game design, he reproduces tirelessly a choreography with it.

Only one variable here: the time he’s spending to achieve his dance. His aim is to master his own game.

The three best scores are displayed at the same time on the screen, as you can see at the end of a videogame.