L’Un et l’Autre, with Luca Bonanno
Opening performance for Another Trick In The Fall, Belsunce Projects, Marseille, 2018




6 P.M, the thirty-first of October :

Two shapes emerge from the dark. It’s raining. They are wearing the same clothes: a glittering high-visibility vest, a poker-face looking mask and big ears with diamond earrings. One of them is carrying a plate of cheddar slices and the other one is carrying a case.
When they reach the big red curtains of the gallery, they step inside and take place on the other side of the storefront.
One of them sits and the other plugs a hairdryer taken from his case.
With a comb, he start to put cheddar slices on the top of the head of the other, and start shaping the cheese as if it was actual hair. It lasts ten minutes.

Then the curled one stands up and the other opens the door of the gallery.
The audience steps inside the murky gallery. The room is full of a white smoke coming through a vent pipe.
In front of them, a rock and what seems to be an ostrich are having an argument.
They start to talk loudly and fight each other.
The rock end up battered and the ostrich is prostrated, the argument is over.
The two characters are moving again, they sit in another corner of the room and they go back to hairdressing.
Ten minutes where you only hear the sound of the hairdryer.

Then, a gust of wind shrills, and the two characters start moving again.
One of them grasps a rope, and the other hangs a camisole which was laying on the ground.
Once the rope is stretched, the camisole goes up and drops a pile of sequin glitter.
One of them is doing large gestures, as if he wanted to help the other to hang the camisole properly.
When it’s done, the gusts of wind are stopping, and both of the characters are going back to hairdressing, in a new spot.
The cheddar smell gets stronger.
Ten minutes.

Then, the audience starts to hear a slow behind a partition wall: One of the characters grasps an axe, an the other is drawing benchmarks on the wall.
The axe hits every benchmark methodically.
A pink light breaks through every holes, and, after a while, the wall collapses. The music spreads into the room.
Two automatons, in evening dresses, are dancing a slow under the lights of a disco ball.
Then the slow fades out, only the noise of the automaton’s engine remains..
They go back again to the hairdressing … the hair is sweating, the air is clogged with grease, and the hairdryer’s noise starts to be unbearable.
Ten minutes.

Suddenly, the noise of a torn up fabric interrupts them. They both start to unroll a tarp large as the room, unveiling tapered shapes cut in the fabric.
This time, they start to clean the canvas with the same diligence they have for their hairdressing.
After ten endless more minutes, the sound of a hunting horn shrills.
A sheet is covering an unidentified shape in the middle of the room. The characters are moving on both sides of the shape.
The sound of a explosion ushers the unveiling of what looks like an half-human, half-wig creature with several bulging eyes.
Watched by the monster, the two characters leave the room.

Another Trick In The Fall, exhibition curated by Lonely Life Lovers Club, at Belsunce Projects.
With works from : Arnaud Arini, Stessie Audras, Quentin Blomet, Luca Bonanno, Camille Breteau, Julien Carpentier, Louise Mervelet, Sarah Netter et Simon Nicolas.